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Financial Donations

All financial donations are tax deductible and will go directly toward supporting the work of Jeremiah 184.

Vehicle Donations

How to donate a car to Jeremiah 184


  1. Make sure you have a title and can inform the ministry of the year, make, model and current status of the car (runs & drives but has XX mechanical issues, doesn’t run, last ran XX date, runs great, etc.). 

  2. Contact the ministry - call John at 812-764-8201 - to let us know.

  3. Set up a pick up date & time. This will depend on if the car needs to be towed or can be driven to the Jeremiah 184 property.

    1. Have the title, keys, maintenance records (if available), and any other relevant info ready at time of pick up.

    2. Print and sign your name (as it appears on the title) in the seller spot (for Indiana titles on the back, top left).

    3. Please remove your license plate.

  4. Once the car is on the Jeremiah 184 property and has been processed you will receive a donation letter, which includes our tax-exempt information.

  5. If you plan to itemize on your taxes, please let us know because we will need to provide you with an additional tax form (1098c).

  6. If you would like to include a note in the gift bag given to the neighbor who purchases your car, please coordinate that with Leah - 812-344-1286.

  7. If you would like to be kept informed on what happens to your car, we love sharing the stories and how lives are truly changed through this ministry, just let us know!


*Jeremiah 184 is a 501(c)3 organization, donating your car to our ministry is tax deductible.

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