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About Us

Our Vision

Restoring hearts and lives with vehicle services.


Our Mission

With the love of Christ, we will help people for whom transportation is prohibitory from self-sufficiency, both with car services and personal/spiritual growth.

Our Purpose

We understand that a lack of reliable transportation can be crippling. It has an affect on income (ability to get and keep a job), stress, self-image, demeanor, perspective, independence, daily lives and identity.

It is our desire to meet people where they're at with transportation needs and use that as a gateway to their hearts. By making ourselves available to discuss and coach on challenges, spiritual questions and other problems we can be a positive influence, an encouragement and a partner to celebrate success with. 

Everything that Jeremiah 184 does is in the name of God and meant to share His grace with our clients.

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Our Clients

We seek to serve those for whom transportation is prohibitory to self-sufficiency. Specifically, but not exclusively: recovering addicts, previously incarcerated, single moms, widows and young families. 

We also find joy in serving Christians who have transportation needs that distract from their ministry.

There is an initial intake meeting that happens with each client to understand them and their needs. At that meeting we set out a mutually agreed upon plan, including scope of work, budgeting, timeline, and expectations of being a Jeremiah 184 client.

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